Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So A Quick Intro To The Official Daily Posts

Alright, SO!

I enjoy posting a lot, as I had nothing better to do today. I thought it would be more fun to take a persona and do an interactive blog, but since some of you commented already, I'll introduce to woman behind the Scruffy.

First Why I chose Scruffy: The man is a badass and doesn't get enough love.


Yes, the female to the left is me! You can address me as Tay since everyone else seems too lazy to add one the last three letters. Even my teachers are too lazy.

My interests and normal posts will consist of youtube updates, my typical day, information from class, random thoughts, game and movie thoughts, and of course, my career path updates. Nothing too exciting, but it is something to read while you stick around!

Minor things, I am an aspiring artist/Actress. I am currently in college, second year. I am a Biology major with a minor in art/design. I own a cat and his name is Kirk. He is all black and absolutely wild.

Thats it for now :D


  1. If I may say so, you seem like a very lovely person!

    I'm just curious, what art do you specialize in?

    Interesting Major/Minor, why did you choose to take Biology and Art?. I'm majoring in Philosophy right now, but I'm hoping to minor in Creative Writing in the near future.

    Anyways, I'll drop by your blog from time to time; and if you want to check out my recent poetry or poetry-related endeavors,

  2. Hi. I come by and check your blog daily. I hope you check mine too.

  3. this is relevant to my interest :)

  4. can't believe girls actually surfin the internet. :-D