Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh Wow

So guys, I've been busy. really busy. Busy to the point of not being able to even open my laptop and sit down. Its been insane, but life is slowly getting back to normal. I've got to study a lot for tests coming up.

The only words of wisdom I have to share is on a topic I think everyone can relate to yet hears about all too much.

Don't go looking for love. Love will find you. If you are constantly looking, it means you've got your mind set on what you think it should be. You'll miss the beauty around you, and you may miss what is right in front of your face. It happens when you least expect it. :)


  1. dude thanks for the advice ,f love

  2. I hope things slide back into normality for you soon. Living a hectic lifestyle can be fun, but sometimes you just need time to chill.

    Words of wisdom also! I'll bear them in mind :)

  3. You speak the truth. Lookin' for love is only gonna get you a sore pair of eyeballs ):

  4. I think thats the problem with most people, they go look for love and sometimes settle for a lot less and end up stuck and unhappy in a relationship